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3rd Party Tests Results

Hey Everyone!
This blog post is intended to be a short term solution to one of our problems. The problem is that we cannot post multiple pictures on each of our individual product pages. As soon as we are able to update that we will be including all of our 3rd Party Test results on each of our products on the website.
BUUUT... until then we still want to show everyone that we are committed to transparency and trust. So we will post our 3rd Party Test results here on this blog post. We will be updating this with more and more test results as they come in so bear with us! At least until we get our website updated to the point where we can post as many pictures and test results as we want.

Full Spectrum CBD Vs. CBD Isolate

Are you new to CBD products? Do you know the difference between products infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil or CBD Isolate? If not, this is the right place to be to find out! If you do, check out for our full line of products that have both Full Spectrum and Isolate infused products!!
Let's with the raw facts about the Hemp products that you love. They will most likely come in one of two ways.  Infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that has all of the natural cannabinoids(CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, THC, and so on), terpenes, and lipids from the Hemp Plant. -OR- Infused with CBD Isolate (99.9% pure CBD).
Now for some Debate! First Up...
CBD Isolate
Products made with CBD Isolate are products that are infused with 99.9% Pure CBD (At least for sure in B&B's case, be aware of synthetic CBD and products that have no CBD in them at all).
These types of Products are for the people that want to see what the CBD craze is all about, but are worried about failing…