Achy Muscle Rub - One of Nature's Secrets!

Hello Everyone! Welcome once again to B&B Botanicals Blog! Today the spotlight is on our Achy Muscle Rub! The Achy Muscle Rub was the very first product we ever created at B&B Botanicals, and it very quickly solidified itself as a crowd favorite for many obvious reasons. It is just packed full of the vitamins, nutrients, essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatories that our skin and muscles crave! First, before we dig deeper into the Achy Muscle Rub and its wonderful properties, we are going to tell you why we decided to come up with an Achy Muscle Rub in the first place.
The Achy Muscle Rub!
Available with 200, 500, or 1,000 milligrams of Hemp Cannabidiol(CBD).
 Full Spectrum Line will be out very soon, it is being tested as we type!

So, why did we want to come up with a product that is packed full of such great ingredients? Because we live with the repercussions of living life on this beautiful planet! What I mean by that is, we like to work hard and play even harder!

(Alberto's Story)
I was quite the adventurous child. I climbed trees as high as they would grow, then moved on to playing sports. After playing regular sports everyday for months on end after school, I moved on to riding bikes and skateboards. Pushing myself to my limits on whatever I could strap to my feet.. Going to skate parks with the neighborhood kids that shared the same passions as I did. As I got into high school I stopped playing regular spots, and instead focused solely on action sports. I loved to skateboard, bike, do flips, and once I learned how to go down a mountain with one or two planks strapped to my feet. It was game over. I was hooked, I was more than hooked. Skiing became my life from age 13-17. I would ski with some of my best friends in the world, as often as we could. We took to the local trash dumps turned-ski hills that got covered in snow and began hucking our bodies any way we could as long as we could ride it out. These were some of the best days of my life, but all the good times ended up coming with a cost. And that cost is... Pain! As much as we loved to fly through the air doing flips and spins, we didn't always come back down to Earth on our feet. We crashed. Then we crashed some more. As the years rolled on, our bodies didn't get any younger, and the regenerative abilities of an adolescent body began to diminish. It got to the point where our young bodies, not as regenerative as they once were, began to hurt. 

(A little video proof that I can actually do some of the things I say I do, and the consequences I would have faced for falling in all the clips that didn't make it into the video!)

Fast forward a few more years, and hundreds if not thousands of crashes later. The search for knowledge has led me here, talking to a screen in hopes of reaching other people across the world, to try and share some of the knowledge I have gained along the way. Some of that knowledge was shared with me by my love Amber, a Licensed Massage Therapist, who is well versed in essential oils, massage and aromatherapy. She shared with me her knowledge of Eastern Modalities, and how other natural plant extracts such as essential oils could be used to fight inflammation and improve moods, especially when combined with massage! Now to the knowledge that we want to pass on to you. The bit of knowledge that I will let you in on today is.... That the main cause of pain and irritation in the human body is from inflammation. I use inflammation as a very broad term here because it is a very broad topic. We will discuss inflammation much deeper in a later blog, but for now a brief introduction. Inflammation can be anything from the swollen knee around a torn ACL to the redness around a pimple on your forehead. It is a natural reaction in of our body's to react to an environmental or internal stress, and our cells become irritated. This can cause our skin to turn red, black, or blue, and our muscles to swell, which in turn sends pain signals from those localized receptors to the brain and body. There are millions of things out there that cause inflammation. The great news is; there are plenty of natural compounds that are known to fight and ease inflammation of all kinds. Some of these things include essential fatty acids, the essential oils of many plants, and certain plant compounds, just to name a few. Want to take a guess at what we put into our Achy Muscle Rub? 

Alright, enough of those goo goo back ground stories, back to the natural science that makes our products work! The reason that the Achy Muscle Rub works wonders on sore muscles, skin, bumps, and bruises lies in the combination of essential fatty acids, essential oils, and natural plant based extracts that we put into our Achy Muscle Rub! Each of our ingredients exhibit anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, or regenerative properties one way or another. Whether it be in the menthol based cooling of peppermint oil, or the improved circulation due to the warming effects of clove oil, or the perfect ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in hemp seed oil, or the anti-inflammatory power of pure Hemp CBD, all of our ingredients are powerful bi-products of nature. When we combine these wonderful ingredients into one super concoction for the body, nature's true beauty comes out! Plant based products have been used for thousands of years to aid the bodies natural regenerative qualities, and we are rediscovering that once again. That is the message we want to share with our audiences! One must see for themselves the wonders of plant based products, and here at B&B Botanicals we aim to make that as easy as possible for you! By offering quality made organic plant based products at a reasonable price!

What is in the Achy Muscle Rub?
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Yellow Beeswax
  • Arnica Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Pure 99% CBD Isolate (Full Spectrum Line dropping soon)
What Can the Achy Muscle Rub Be Used For?
  • Dry, Cracked Skin
  • Bruised, Sore Muscles
  • Tight Muscles After Workouts
  • Eczema Dermatitus, Psoriasis
  • Peeling Skin
  • Very Mild Sunburn
  • Bruises
How to Use the Achy Muscle Rub

To most effectively utilize our Achy Muscle Rub, one must follow these instructions.

*First, do not eat the Achy Muscle Rub. It is not meant for consumption but rather topical application. And if a rash occurs, though highly unlikely but still can happen due to the difference of skin-types, immediately discontinue use*

  1.  Start out with scooping out a Dime sized amount of the Achy Muscle Rub onto your fingers. Just a fore-warning, this is a salve that is based in Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, and Organic Beeswax, so be prepared for an oily texture at first. Realize that a little of the salve goes a long way, but in some cases you need to use a good amount of the Achy Muscle Rub.
  2. Massage the Achy Muscle Rub into your desired area for 1-3 minutes at first, to see how your body reacts to the wonders of plant based products. The key is to really massage the oils into your skin, so that the anti-inflammatory ingredients penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and muscle, providing the best results.
  3. If your ready for almost complete absorption, massage the Achy Muscle Rub for 3-5 minutes or even longer, until that oily skin no longer has a glide when you rub it, but instead it has the resistance of a very mild Indian Burn. That is when you know the Achy Muscle Rub has penetrated the layers of your skin and are now working in your skin to deliver the payload of it's ingredients.
  4. Applying the Achy Muscle Rub at nighttime also can increase effectiveness by allowing the Oils to penetrate the skin and remain there undisturbed throughout a night of sleep. Which is the body's natural time to heal itself and regenerate more cells. 
  5. For more serious cases of sore muscles, multiple applications can be needed. Using the Achy Muscle Rub every 4-6 hours seems to yield the best results for more serious cases of Achy Muscles. Also, Stronger potencies can yield more positive results. Every single person's body is different. Some things that may work for one person will not work for others.
  6. Don't Be Afraid to Experiment!! That is how we learn what works best for our own bodies! Try rubbing it in longer. Use more. Use less. Use at night, or in the morning. Figure out what works for you! 

We are committed to serving our audience as best as we can, so please get in touch with us somehow if you are interested in the wonders of plant based products, or have any comments on how we can do things better. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!
Much Love,


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