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Achy Muscle Rub - One of Nature's Secrets!

Hello Everyone! Welcome once again to B&B Botanicals Blog! Today the spotlight is on our Achy Muscle Rub! The Achy Muscle Rub was the very first product we ever created at B&B Botanicals, and it very quickly solidified itself as a crowd favorite for many obvious reasons. It is just packed full of the vitamins, nutrients, essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatories that our skin and muscles crave! First, before we dig deeper into the Achy Muscle Rub and its wonderful properties, we are going to tell you why we decided to come up with an Achy Muscle Rub in the first place.
So, why did we want to come up with a product that is packed full of such great ingredients? Because we live with the repercussions of living life on this beautiful planet! What I mean by that is, we like to work hard and play even harder!
(Alberto's Story) I was quite the adventurous child. I climbed trees as high as they would grow, then moved on to playing sports. After playing regular sports everyda…