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Hello everyone, welcome back to B&B Botanicals Blog! Exciting times here at B&B! After collaborating with one of my childhood best friends for the past few weeks, we have decided that the time is right to launch our B&B website! Huge shout out goes to Andrew Venturini for taking time out of his life after graduating from the University of Michigan this spring and landing a great new job, to create a safe and secure website that has all of the functions that we need here at B&B. With the option to upgrade functions of the site easily at anytime, Andrew really put together a quality site that functions with computers and smartphones! We have been working together day in and day out building the site from the ground up, learning the ins and the outs of everything it takes to make a website as we went along. The process was a lot fun at times, repetitive and annoying at others, but at the end of the day it was extremely rewarding to build something so important with someone that is like a brother to me. It was amazing to watch our all of our ideas come to life online before our very eyes, and to get friends and family in on the whole thing by asking for their opinions and ideas on how to improve the site. That really brought the whole project together for us here at B&B.

The whole process behind coding a website really puts things in perspective for me. It is truly a kind of art to make a website function optimally 24/7, 365. All of the trial and error needed to fix something if just one little piece of code is off is something I can hardly comprehend to watch on my screen.  After seeing everything that was needed to make our tiny little website, I have infinitely more respect for all of the developers and coders that work behind the scenes to make all of our favorite technological advancements work. So much more goes on behind the screen to make all of the websites and apps we use every minute of everyday function correctly, it is sometimes mind boggling! It is truly a feat of human ingenuity, and I suspect that many different people had to put their brains together to make everything that we know is the internet. There is something to be said about the way we can use each others talents to create something that is a positive force in the world.
An example of just a small piece of code that is
 used to make websites function on the internet!

That is why Amber and I agreed during the earliest stages of B&B's formation; that we would use this platform of business to help any and all trusted people in our network to not only be apart of the community here at B&B. But to collaborate with us in any way shape or form! We want to always be open to collaborate with any and all friends that think that our collective brain power can produce something that is of benefit to the world, to the human race, and to each other! Maybe someone is a photographer, or a skateboarder, or a hard working mother of 4, who has an idea of how to connect someone or something to the world of plant based products. Maybe a sports player or laborer could benefit from the power of nature while using their talents or abilities daily. Maybe someone out there is into making sustainable packaging that can free us from our plastic over dependence (If you are out there and know us somehow, PLEASE get in tough with us! Haha!). Whatever the case may be, here at B&B we believe in the power of community, and we plan on using all of the beautiful communities that we have been blessed to have been apart of throughout our lives, to help bring each other up! ... and of course to do our part in making it just a little bit easier for people to experience the wonders of nature through plant based products!

So without further ado, I proudly present to you https://bandbbotanicals.com/ !!! I know it is very basic and rudimentary, but we are going for function over fashion for the time being while we build the capital necessary to have a top notch website! We really just want the ability for people to safely and securely order our products online, and so we can get the most basic information we need to send them our products. We are not trying to shove our products down anyone's throat, we would rather have our products do the talking! We want anyone with access to the internet to have the ability to learn about B&B Botanicals, plant based products, and some of the most effective ways to use them. We will continue to accomplish this by continually updating our website and blog with the most current and useful information regarding anything plant based. Especially topics that revolve around what we do here at our company.

Also, for our online audience that we do not know on a personal level yet, we want to hear what you have to say as well! If you have read thus far and are excited about our mission here at B&B, and have an idea on how we can do something better, or make it more user friendly, please let us know! We want to hear your ideas!

We will always listen to our customers, and potential customers, because we truly want to create a great atmosphere around anything that encompasses B&B Botanicals. If you have any ideas on how we can make the experience with B&B Botanicals any better, shoot us an email at bandbbotanicals@gmail.com or call us at (720) 519-3591 or leave a comment on the contact us page of our website https://bandbbotanicals.com/contact. Whatever way of communication is comfortable for you, just let us know how we can make your experience with B&B Botanicals better!
Have a great day everyone,


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