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Our Website has Finally Arrived!!

Hello everyone, welcome back to B&B Botanicals Blog! Exciting times here at B&B! After collaborating with one of my childhood best friends for the past few weeks, we have decided that the time is right to launch our B&B website! Huge shout out goes to Andrew Venturini for taking time out of his life after graduating from the University of Michigan this spring and landing a great new job, to create a safe and secure website that has all of the functions that we need here at B&B. With the option to upgrade functions of the site easily at anytime, Andrew really put together a quality site that functions with computers and smartphones! We have been working together day in and day out building the site from the ground up, learning the ins and the outs of everything it takes to make a website as we went along. The process was a lot fun at times, repetitive and annoying at others, but at the end of the day it was extremely rewarding to build something so important with someon…