We are B&B Botanicals

Hello everyone! We are B&B Botanicals! We are a very small, Colorado based company that aims to blend plant based ingredients into a new product that has the benefits of all of our natural ingredients! All units have farm bill compliant hemp based CBD, infused into the oils. This CBD has natural anti-inflammatory components. The Achy Muscle salves are designed for more of an instant muscle soother with the combined essential oils, arnica oil, and CBD. The Calming Moisture Rub contains essential oils that have relaxing, anti-anxiety components, and with the CBD also aids with inflamed muscles due to stress. The Achy Muscle Oil has all of the same components as the pain salves, but it has a different base. The bases are all made with organic oils and butters that nourish the skin with many minerals and vitamins. We believe in having the freshest product, and to accomplish this, we make all of our orders fresh once we receive them. We do not like to leave product sitting around to lose its beneficial properties! Stay tuned for more information and products!


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